Gulf Shores Heating Maintenance & Tune-Ups

We understand that your heating system only operates during the coldest part of the year in Gulf Shores. Not all homes are equal in the amount of insulation, window seals, and door seals. Some homes will require more furnace operation than others. Regardless of how minimal the furnace is used, it’s best to have annual furnace maintenance by a professional heating company to prepare your heating unit for the first use of the winter season.

Gulf Coast Cooling Company, LLC is proud to offer affordable heating maintenance service for Gulf Shores and surrounding Alabama areas. We recommend you have your HVAC system looked at and tuned up before each winter season to ensure you will stay warm during the coldest days. Call today, or fill out our estimate form and we’ll be glad to assist you with your heating needs.

Annual Heating Maintenance Protects Your Warranty

In order to keep your furnace’s warranty valid, you are required to have proof of yearly maintenance by a qualified heating technician. If your furnace breaks down, your warranty becomes essential if replacement parts are needed or the entire system needs replaced. Luckily, if annual heating maintenance is performed, furnace repairs and replacement becomes much less likely.

Prevent Home Fire With Annual Heating Maintenance

During most of the year, your furnace collects dust due to not being used. According to a statistical report on home fires involving heating equipment by the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment is a leading cause of fires in homes in the United States. In fact, heating equipment accounted for 16% of all home fires between 2009 – 2013. Not keeping heating equipment clean was the cause of 30% of the heating equipment related fires. Gulf Coast Cooling Company, LLC knows the importance of preparing your furnace for winter use. We offer annual heating maintenance to ensure your furnace operates properly for the winter season.

If you are needing annual heating maintenance in Gulf Shores or the surrounding Baldwin County areas, please call (251) 979-2776 or fill out our quick estimate form.

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