How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter

Why should I change my Air Filter?

Your air filter is the bridge between the outside world and your lungs. In between those two spaces are dirt, debris, pollen, fungus, bacteria and basically anything that isn’t strong enough to stick to a moving animal.

An Air filter is your best line of defense from the majority of airborne ailments, and the filter sacrifices itself for you all the time. While it does a great job of taking all the pollutants out of the air, it can still become overwhelmed and need maintenance or to be changed outright.

We recommend changing your air filter or maintaining it about every three months.

The Air Filter Types

MERV Rating: The MERV rating is a rating of how well a filter performs. This ranges anywhere from 1 – 20.

Fiberglass– MERV Rating: Less than 8. These are the most common types of filters, and they are all throwaways. These layered fiberglass filters will catch pollen and slice through fungus particles.

Pleated – MERV rating: 8-12. Pleated are similar to fiberglass, but their layers allow them to last longer and catch bigger particles without having them force their way through.

HEPA Filters – MERV Rating: 12+. Also known as box filters. These units are often layered combinations of fiberglass and pleated and have other aspects such as UV lights integrated into them.

Washables and Metal – MERV Rating: Depends. These all change in Merv rating depending on their usage. However, these are best known as being the reusable or washable filters, and they can be used over and over again.

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