The Top Five Air Conditioner Problems

Air Conditioner Inspections

If you let your air conditioner run for too long, it can run into problems on its own. While you can check for minor problems yourself, you should always hire a professional who can do air conditioner inspections for you quickly and easily. If you are going to check for problems on your own, watch for these top five air conditioner problems!

The Top Five Air Conditioner Problems

Busted Sensor

The most common problem for an air conditioner is a busted sensor. Sensors are typically fragile and can be disrupted from the dew of the machine to critters messing with it. These are hard to find, but they do happen.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant hose can sometimes be blocked and cause a burst or a leak to happen all over the unit, causing the air to blow but no cold air to form.

Electrical Problem

Numerous electrical problems can stem from a fuse being switched to leaks causing a short. The only way to check is if you turn off the power to the unit and turn it on again if it doesn’t turn back on, call us right away.

Drainage Problem

Another frequent problem with HVAC units are the drainage problems. IF a hose becomes backed up, it causes the refrigerant to deploy on the unit instead of through the tubes. Look for blockages.

Calling a Professional for your HVAC needs!

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